Sleeping Bag Purple color with Animal print

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The Sleeping is Suitable for New Born to 1year Baby.

Sleeping Bag :- 

This sleeping bag is ideal for providing rest to the baby, whether at ease or an unfamiliar environment. It has the best ergonomics and is ultra-soft, which provides the utmost comfort. Unlike blankets that can be easily kicked off, the sleeping bag remains in place ensuring proper closure.


Features & Description:-

  • MATERIALS- This ventilated mattress with ultra-soft cushion. The zippers are made up of high-grade materials to avoid failure.

  • COLOR & DESIGN- Sky blue color mattress with cute kitty prints. Equipped with zippers for closure.

  • SIZE-The mattress comes in different sizes so that the baby can sleep comfortably.

  • ERGONOMICS- Ergonomic wise the matter provides the best comfort to the baby by providing ample support to the head, neck, and spine.


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