Pigeon Flexible Peristaltic Slim Neck Nipple Small - 1 Piece

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Pigeon Flexible Peristaltic Slim Neck Nipple Small - 1 Piece 0 month+

Product Description
Pigeon Peristaltic Nipples are designed to make breast and bottle feeding easier to combine offering perfect feeding for your baby and the flexibility you deserve. The nipple’s surface is very soft, yet it does not collapse easily. Made from ultra-soft silicone material, the nipple has similar elasticity to that of a mother’s actual breast.

Key Features:
  • Nipple is of perfect shape and size to fit into the sucking fossa of baby
  • Inner vertical lines makes it collapse-resistant
  • Textured surface allows baby to latch on easily
  • 100% silicone nipple, super soft and flexible, allows natural and smooth tongue movement
  • Air Ventilation System (AVS) reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic
Brand - Pigeon
Type - Peristaltic Nipple 
Age - 0 Months

Items included in the Package:
1 Pigeon Peristaltic Nipples  


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